CPR Homework

The Christmas Seal - Part 1 From Real People
December 10, 2017

Matthew 1:1-17
Why did Matthew begin with the genealogy of Jesus?

Who did he have in mind when he was writing?

What theme from Matthew’s Gospel was contingent upon the genealogy?

Why does Matthew list Abraham and David in verse 1? What’s the big deal? see Gen. 22:18; Isa.11:1-2,10


So, what’s the claim in verse 1 of Matthew 1?

If Jesus is not a descendant of Abraham and David could he be the Messiah? Explain.

So how significant is this little detail? Who would know about it?

What was the purpose of dividing the genealogy into three sections of fourteen names?

*By the way, between Joram and Uzziah (Ahaziah, Joash and Amaziah) were left out.

Such omissions were not unusual in Jewish genealogies; minor figures were frequently omitted. The main purpose is to make essential connections, not minor details.

Explain how Matthew deals with the royal lineage of Jesus, and Luke deals with the fleshly lineage of Jesus.

What do David, Nathan, Solomon, Jeconiah (and Jer 22:24-30) have to do with all this?

How was there a dilemma? What was it?

How pertinent is this to the whole Gospel story?

Why does it have to be a virgin birth?

How did God solve the puzzle? How was this only something God could do?

How does all this fit with the sovereignty of God? His trustworthiness?

What does it mean to you that God is into such detail about Jesus incarnation?

After all this, could anyone but Jesus be the Messiah? Explain why or why not.

Name the mothers are listed in the genealogy? How were they similar or different?

What was the purpose for listing them?

What is the significance of Jesus coming from such an extensive dysfunctional family background?

What other lessons do you see in the genealogy of Jesus?

What kind of hope do you get from this part of the story?