CPR Homework

The Gospel Truth: A Study in Luke - To Fear or Not to Fear
June 18, 2017

What are the top three things people fear (in your opinion)?


What do they have in common?


Read Luke 12:1-12


Describe as much as you can about the context and setting (vv.1-3)? What is the tone of Jesus?


Why is Jesus so hard on the Pharisees?


From verses 4-7 explain, “don’t fear, fear, fear not.”


Explain the Good News, Bad News from verses 8-9.


What is blasphemy? v.10


How will covetousness take many people to Hell? (13-21)


How does Jesus use God’s treatment of lilies, ravens and grass to remove anxiety?


Jesus spent a great deal of time trying to get people to not worry. Why? What does anxiety show in us that God despises?


How can we lay up treasures in Heaven? Why should we?


Jesus is coming back. That is a promise! How should that impact how we live? vv.35-48


What baptism was Jesus speaking of for himself in v.50?


What does it mean that Jesus is “bringing the heat?” v.49


In verses 54-56 who is Jesus addressing? What was he saying? What signs should have been recognized?


Do you agree?


What is the message in vv.57-59?


How does the Gospel of Jesus divide men?


What gray area or uncertainty does Jesus leave from this talk? Explain.


What one fear removes all fear? Is this for everyone? Explain.


Bonus: Read verse 41. Peter asked a question. Who was Jesus talking to in verses 35-48?


What was he saying?