In our series, "Healthy Church," we will be looking at the elements that make a church healthy. Each week, we'll dive into a different topic, discipline, practice, or ordinance and see what the Bible really says about each topic.
In our CPR Groups, or Small Groups, we will be looking at some misconceptions that people have about each topic.
This is going to be a great series to help us to establish what we believe about church and why we believe it.

During this series, we are asking that all of our CPR Groups are in alignment with the church, doing our Healthy Church materials.
Small Groups will be where we really dive in to each topic and grow together with other believers. We can't encourage you enough to get connected to a small group!
If you are interested in finding a small group, contact our Discipleship Pastor, Jeff Gray.

Below, you will find all of our resources for healthy church:
1. Sermon Archive
2. Small Group videos
3. Small Group questions