Nobody special 

Each year, we begin our year with a spiritual growth campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to set the tone for our year and allow us, as a church, to have alignment and regroup.

This year, our campaign is called, "Nobody Special: Just Someone That Said Yes."
The vision for this series is that we will see that the greatest things that happen in the life of a Christian occur when normal people say "yes" to God.

What Makes up the campaign? 

SERMON SERIES -- Sunday morning sermons that set the tone for each week
DAILY BIBLE READING -- A daily reading plan can be found on this page, or in our church app
SMALL GROUP TEACHING -- Each week, your small group will watch a video during small group that will kick off your time each week
SMALL GROUP QUESTIONS -- You will have discussion questions that your group uses to discuss the Sunday sermon, small group videos, and daily Bible reading

Reading PLan

Small Group Questions