Fresh Hope

At Living Truth we believe in breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental health. Fresh Hope is our ministry to support those dealing with mental health issues and those effected by mental health.

If you would like to speak to a Living Truth Church Fresh Hope Facilitator and/or receive additional information about our meetings and program, please complete the below questionnaire.

When hopeless people have a safe place to process their pain, and faith-filled hope is modeled and shared, they become hope-filled and thrive (in spite of their mental health challenge).

A mental illness seems to rob you of your future hopes and dreams.  And hopelessness begins to take over. And those with lived experience (peers) can model and empower one another to live well in spite of a mental health challenge. As peers, we believe there is hope, and it is possible to live well because we have been there. We guide and support those with a mental illness, along with their loved ones, to find hope that is based upon research. That they and their loved ones might have hopes and dreams again, so they live a faith-filled, full, and vibrant life in spite of a mental health challenge.

Fresh Hope is not intended to replace professional treatment such as therapy or prescribed medications when needed. Rather, Fresh Hope services as a supplemental support and information system so that members and those who love them might develop tools to help them achieve wellness with their illness on a daily basis in order to live with dignity and hope in Christ. Please be aware there are local and national hotlines that can provide immediate responses to a mental health challenge crisis. Those numbers are as follows:

1. Always dial 911 if you are involved in a suicide crisis situation.
2. Text the Crisis Text Line using the keyword “GULF” to 741741
3. Santa Rosa County Mobile Response Team: 1-866-517-7766
4. National (24/7) Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
5. Veterans Crisis Line 888-640-5443